Welcome to Valley Rock Capital, an accessible commercial real estate finance brokerage serving Idaho's Treasure Valley.  Valley Rock helps build and grow the Treasure Valley and those who serve it.  Valley Rock accomplishes this by providing financing solutions facilitated through authentic relationships.

Representing life insurance companies, pension funds, and banks, Valley Rock offers a healthy balance of long-term security and competitive market solutions.

COVID-19 - We recognize the difficulty so many are facing during this time of pandemic and stand ready to help wherever possible.  We believe sharing thoughts and ideas are a productive way to solve problems and look forward to visiting with you at the right time.


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Valley Rock Capital, LLC. is an accessible commercial real estate mortgage brokerage based in Boise, ID.  

The purpose of Valley Rock Capital is to help build communities and provide growth opportunities for our associates and all others with whom we work.  Valley Rock facilitates long-term financing solutions for property owners, operators, investors, and developers on a local, regional, and super-regional basis.  Our lending sources include a diverse group of insurance companies, pension funds, and banks.  

Bill and George are the father-son team who co-founded Valley Rock Capital.  Prior to Valley Rock, George worked in Austin, Texas in the commercial mortgage business as a producer and analyst.  Bill was the CEO of two insurance companies and started a business process outsourcing company.  The two discussed the idea of starting a company over the years and knew their independent work experience would be essential to create a successful business.     

George, an outdoor enthusiast, moved to The Treasure Valley for three reasons:  its lifestyle, growing economy, and welcoming community.  Bill, also an outdoorsman, splits time between Jackson, Wyoming and Boise for the same reasons.

Prior to founding the company in Boise, George and Bill had 26 conversations with stakeholders in and outside the commercial real estate market.  The common theme of these conversations was opportunity and support.  The decision to build Valley Rock in Boise was further supported by the valley’s strong economic fundamentals and inclusivity.

The two have a long-term view of Valley Rock and its participation in the Treasure Valley economy and community.  Doing business together starts with a conversation; George and Bill are happy to visit whether it’s about a specific deal or generally about a problem or hurdle you are facing.  They look forward to helping and expanding the network.


Valley Rock helps solve problems others are facing in strengthening the community and reaching their commercial real estate objectives.  These objectives are important to the community, to the people who occupy the project building, and to the investors of the project.  Valley Rock sees opportunity to help in meaningful ways:

  • through offering financing solutions and ideas, backed by a substantial group of strong life insurance companies, pension funds, and banks;

  • through financial analysis, to seek out creative ways to make deals work;

  • through networking by connecting people who have mutual interests for a stronger, better community and who are willing to engage and help.


Valley Rock represents a diverse group of life insurance companies, pension funds, and banks in order to fill a need for long-term, fixed rate, non-recourse financing. Valley Rock delivers financing for the following Class A, B, and C property types:

Property Types:

  • Multi-family

  • Industrial

  • Office

  • Retail

  • Self-storage

  • Hotel

  • Built-to-suit 

  • Single tenant, credit properties (retail, industrial, office)

Typical Advantages of long-term institutional financing:

  • Non-recourse

  • Fixed rate with three to 25 year term

  • Ten to 30 year amortization

  • Competitive interest rates

  • Loan size $1 million to $30 million

  • Loan to value up to 75%

  • Notes can be self-amortizing or balloon

  • Stability for long-term investors


Valley Rock believes collaboration produces a better product.  Inevitably, every deal encounters challenges requiring creativity and perseverance to overcome.  Whether leading the construction of a finance package or simply offering another perspective, Valley Rock has the willingness and experience to provide financial modeling, analysis, and brainstorming that can help break through to the solution.  

Give us a call and let's visit.  We'll be the first to let you know if we can't help and we'll jump right in if we can.


Valley Rock understands our community is stronger when it is connected.  Even if you don't have an immediate need for our products or services, we look for the opportunity to visit and share ideas and contacts that may help you.  Solutions are often found in networking.  We welcome your call to explore ideas.

George Haaland



George is the co-founder who came up with the idea of Valley Rock Capital.  He possesses an equally strong interest in entrepreneurialism and growth.  George started his career in Austin, Texas with Trinity Real Estate Finance (TREF).  During his time as a Senior Analyst and Producer, George underwrote and produced a combination of over $375 million of commercial real estate across a broad selection of sectors.  He was also responsible for opening up the Oklahoma City market for TREF.  This was a fit for him as he grew up in OKC.  In that year, he brought over $25 million in loans to market and closed his first deal.  George also served TREF and its customers by training interns and new associate analysts. 

Before graduating from Trinity University (no relation to TREF) with degrees in economics and finance, George was a Manager of Trinity's Student Managed Equity Fund.   At the time, it was the largest undergraduate equity fund in the United States.  After complete analysis and presentation to his co-managers, the fund unanimously voted to buy Paycom at $40 per share.  The stock ended 2020 at nearly $270 per share.  

While at Trinity University, George competed for its Division III baseball team which won the 2016 National Championship.  George enjoys spending time skiing with his friends, parents, and sister, Becca, who also holds an NCAA National Championship (University of Georgia Equestrian).

George recently relocated to Boise from Austin with an intention to build long-term relationships both personally and professionally.  The natural resources the Treasure Valley offers were a major draw as well.   George is a member of Urban Land Institute and the Chamber of Commerce.    


Bill Haaland



Bill is a co-founder of Valley Rock and has over 30 years of experience in property and casualty insurance, business process outsourcing, and technology.  He started his career in Red Wing, Minnesota working for a regional Property and Casualty Insurance Company.  He ascended to Executive Operations Officer before moving to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to become the CEO of a specialty insurer, BancInsure, during which time the company tripled in size and its market penetration grew to insuring over 20% of America's community banks.   Bill then co-founded AnSR, a specialty subrogation company serving insurance companies and self-insured companies.  After growing AnSR to revenue supporting over 30 employees, AnSR was merged with Claims Management Resources.  Together the companies' profit and revenue more than doubled under his leadership (Co-CEO); Bill was the partner responsible for growth, branding, markets, and customer experience.  

Bill then joined a blockchain-as-a-service technology company called BanQu.  The company is helping to connect the world's poorest to the world economy using blockchain technology. 

George and Bill considered joining forces for a long time.  It was only after George established a career by working with another organization, that the two decided to leverage their respective backgrounds.

Bill earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Hamline University.  He and his wife, Nancy, share time between Boise and Jackson, WY.  They enjoy spending time with their two adult children, Becca and George, and doing anything outdoors.  Bill also mentors small businesses through the TEAMS program at the Silicon Couloir in Jackson.



Whether we work on a specific deal or not, we look forward to connecting with you to get acquainted and share ideas.


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